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Barnabas Network

Barnabas Network

The Barnabas Network is a website aimed at helping and encouraging church Minister and pastors. Started by Mike, a retired Baptist Minister who wanted to share his knowledge and experience with other Ministers and any other “fellow travellers”, to help and encourage people through their life and ministries.

When creating the logo, Mike wanted to use the image of a lighthouse in reference to Jesus’ command of his followers being like “lights on a hill”. From there the website developed a nautical theme which was continued through out the rest of the site. There were 3 main types of website users identified, and we wanted to help these 3 different groups of people quickly access the specific section of the website that would interest them. To achieve this we designed 3 large button areas at the top of the homepage with different images to represent the kind of content they would find in that section. Once the website was launched several users indicated how easy the website was to navigate and browse the vast libraries of content.

This was a fun logo and website to create, and Mike and his wife Bev were a pleasure to design for. You can visit the Barnabas Network website here.

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Andy is the Membership and Ministry Pastor at Salt Church in Wollongong. He loves Jesus and thinking through strategies and ideas to help more people meet Jesus and grow as a disciple.
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