Make it interesting
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Tips for an effective website: Part 2

Make it interesting Okay, so your website has successfully completed step 1 and caught your users’ attention. Great! But now what? You certainly don’t want people to leave your website now, which is what will happen unless you can keep them engaged and spark their interest in what you’re offering. Your website needs to be interesting. This step is just…

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Grab their attention!
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Tips for an effective website: Part 1

Grab their attention! Recently I was asked what I do for a living and I told them I help make great websites. That led to the question “what makes a great website?” – which is a good question and one that made me think how best to break it down. I would argue that a website is great if it…

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Siteflex website

Siteflex is an all-in-one Content Management Solution. It’s the tool you use to manage your website, Email, SMS and Email marketing as well as Ecommerce and CRM. We needed a new website to help promote some of the new features of the CMS. The purpose of the website was to promote the uniqueness of the product and increase engagement in…

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Siteflex Video
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Siteflex promo video

If you’ve ever watched a software demonstration video you’d know how boring they can be! We created a demonstration video to showcase the power of Siteflex and the last thing we wanted was for it to be boring. So we came up with this fun, quick video to capture business owner’s interest. I wrote a script, drew a storyboard, recorded…

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Video for Katoomba Easter Convention

I was approached to create a video to play in the first session at KCC’s Katoomba Easter Convention. The theme of the sermons was “The Right Stuff” and exploring the tension of living the Christian life in a shallow world – so I wanted to create something that helped generate tension. I did that through the music and quick-cut images…

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