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Our visitor follow up process (including the templates we use)

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If we’re serious about the Gospel and wanting everyone we know to come to know Jesus, then it’s important that we do whatever we can to help more people come to our church to hear the Gospel and become a Christian. So what do you do when someone visits your church for the first time?

Every church has a follow up process. The problem can be if it’s not very well thought out – then you’re really just hoping that people will join become a part of your church accident. And that’s not great…

After about 12 months work, this is the visitor process we use at Salt. However, for other churches you need to consider what will work for you. Every context is difference – and so you need to work out what is relevant for the people who visit you and do what will work best for them. Your follow up process also needs to be achievable – you might be able to do more than this if you have more resources at your church or if you have less visitors (we had about 500 first timers in 2017 – which is why we don’t call visitors until their 3rd visit), or you might have to scale it back if you have less resources or see more visitors.

You can find the templates here.

Follow up process

First timers:
– SMS on Monday saying it was great to see them
– Email on Tuesday with a link to a survey (which is really just another excuse to contact them again)
– Another SMS on Saturday which invites them back again on Sunday

Second time visitors:
– SMS on Monday saying it was great to see them back
– Email on Tuesday with some info about either Beginning (our members course if they’re Christian) or Christianity Explored (if they’re not a Christian), or sometimes both if we’re not sure where they’re at

Third time visitors:
– Phone call from one of the connect team volunteers with an invitation to the next step as well as a social event.

Want to see what we say when we follow someone up? You can find the templates here.


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